Q. Will you buy ALL of my Beanie Babies?
A. Yes, provided the hang tag and Beanie are in clean condition, we will buy as many Beanies as you have!

Q. How much are my Beanies worth?
A. There are many Beanies, But in general, the mass produced styles, known as 'commons' are about .40c each. Rarer styles can be worth $1 up to $1,000. For a list, click here.

Q. What are "common styles" and how much are they worth?
A. "Commons" as they're referred to are the basic, general, mass-produced Beanies that TY made. Most commons are worth .40 each, and a few are .50 to $1.00 each.

Q. Do you buy the McDonalds Teenie Beanies, attic treasures, kids or Graduation owls?
A. No, unfortunately we do not buy these styles. However, we do accept donations, and we will try to find them a good home.

Q. What if my Beanie is missing the hang tag, or is not in mint condition?
A. Good question...If it is a "common style" then we will only buy it if it's in MINT condition. (see the rare ones list. We will buy in any condition, even without a tag.)

Q. Which ones do we NOT buy?

A. We will NOT buy the following:
  • Attic Treasures, Beanie Kids, Graduation Owls
  • McDonalds Teenie Beanie Babies (although we do accept donations, and will try to find them a good home)
  • Common Beanies that are creased or have damaged swing or tush tags
  • Common Beanies that are dirty
  • Common Beanies that are missing the swing or tush tag
  • Common Beanies that have writing on the swing or tush tag
  • Common Beanies that have a price tag on the swing or tush tag
  • Common Beanies that have been played with and are worn or soiled
  • Common Beanies that are discolored
  • Common Beanies that have a bad odor, especially animal scents, smoke, or other home odors

Q. Can I bring them into your office in Illinois?

A. Yes...certainly! For more detailed information about our buying centers please click here Hope to see you soon!

Q. How do I know it's safe to mail my beanies into you?
A. Please rest assured, we are an extremely reputable company with tens of thousands of customers over the past 11 years we have been in business. We receive hundreds of mailed-in collections per month from people all across the country. If you are still concerned, please click here for a list of references.

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