The Rare Ones
Then, there are a bunch of styles that are worth more serious money. These are the older, rare styles like Humphrey, Chilly, Peking, Slither, Trap, Web, Flutter, Caw, Bumble and more. For prices on these styles, there are several factors which determine the value, such as condition of the Beanie, condition of the hang tag, any marks or writing on the Beanie, and the Beanie's generation. For that reason, we need to see your Beanies before we can give you a price. Unfortunately, that's the only way we can appraise your collection properly - in person. We cannot do it over the phone. Hopefully, though, this has given you a good idea of what your Beanies may be worth.
Exact Prices on these varies greatly depending on the exact condition and the tag generation. If you want specific prices on rare Beanies, either bring them in for an appraisal, or send a picture of the beanie at
The following Beanies are worth prices ranging from $1 up to $200
  • Royal Blue Peanut
  • Quacker without wings
  • Humphrey
  • Chilly
  • Rex
  • Steg
  • Bronty
  • Flutter
  • Caw
  • Orange Digger
  • Tan Inky
  • Grey Happy
  • Bumble
  • Peking
  • Web
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