In the beginning it was the kids that sparked the popularity of the beanie baby, however it was the ‘grown-ups’ that bought beanies by the armfuls, making beanies into the collectible phenomenon they became. But 10 years later, they have lost their ‘collectible’ value and are now just a toy, once again.

Our company,, breathes new life into beanie babies by getting them into the hands of kids who can love them just as much as you once did. These kids who could never afford them at $6 each (and up) can now buy them for about $1 each, or can win them at carnivals, parks, fairs, and the like. By selling your beanies to, you too rejuvenate and breathe new life into your beanies and give a child or someone your same fortunate chance to own and love these high quality adorable toys. is owned by JJ Bean, Inc. JJ Bean, Inc. is not connected or in
any way affiliated with Ty, Inc (the manufacturers and distributors of Ty Beanie Babies)